Web Summit 2017 – Day III

Keeping up with Web Summit 2017 – day III

The time has come to wrap up the last day of Web Summit 2017, pack the bags and leave the beautiful city of Lisbon. During the past three days we heard a whole lot of interesting and inspiring speakers, met most influential people of today and learned new things, seen different perspectives and gained knowledge in many different fields.

How I got 15 million followers in 15 months

Magician and Facebook star Julius Dein grew his audience to 15 million followers in less than 15 months, becoming one of the largest and fastest growing personalities on social media. His magic tricks are only part of the story. He is talking about passion and how is your passion relevant in making viral content for various platforms. Although his content is based on magic and lies he wants us to know that behind success of every viral video is not luck but distribution of that content. Also he talks about how every platform has their own formula for success of your content. This was magnificent story and it was fun to watch how someone went from 0 to hero in such small amount of time.


Making marketing great again? Inside the Trump 2016 advertising campaign

How you can create a campaign that will stand in the memory of a consumer for a long time, even years after the campaign is over? Brad Pascale was a head of Digital team for Donald Trump’s campaign “Make America great again” and gave us secrets and insights of how the campaign became alive online, and glimpse behind the planning and targeting the audiences. How did they manage to beat the opponent whose budgets were much bigger? He thinks that key is in translating data into content. Today we are data rich, but content poor. We forgot about emotions and feelings. By taking example of the first iPod campaign and two videos showing from one side technology behind the iPod and the other side of woman dancing with it, he points out that it is what consumer wants – the second video, the result. The consumer is not interested in how the thing is made, and the technology behind it. Consumer wants to see how it will affect life, emotions and feelings. At the end we must understand human behavior. By cultivating creative talents with data translation will always give great results.

Mouthwatering video: Gorging on food porn

Videos containing food are the most engaging and sharable content today. So how do you create videos that will generate millions of views? Eyal Baumel from Yoola and Matt Stonie, Youtube star took different perspectives. You can either go with high end videos starring Anthony Bourdain or Gordon Ramsey, videos that will give you that mouthwatering feeling, but as a user will have not a significant value since you won’t be able to make Chef class meal. Or you can take another approach, and start making short, easy to make video recipes that anyone can relate to. It is important that you create it in a fashion that is recognizable, authentic and unique. And to listen to your fans, do recipes they want do see next, fulfill their needs. Also, one of the most important stuff about it is to create videos of food you as a content creator personally enjoy, as the audience will be able to feel your passion for the meals you are preparing or tasting. So if you are today in a mood for an ice-cream, create an ice-cream related video, if you feel like eating a pizza enjoy creating a pizza that both you and your audience can enjoy.

Of course, these tips come from perspective of people who are not doing this for any particular brand, but for their own. Totally different thing is when the client tells you what you have to produce.

 Who defines gender?

And as a cherry on the top, here is short overview of the speech of the most elegant Dutch woman.

In the beginning of this speech Caitlyn is remembering how she started in speaking business 40 years ago and how she was talking to mass audiences about motivation and overcoming obstacles in life. Back then, she felt that she was cheating the authorities as she was known by the name Bruce, Olympics “World’s greatest athlete”. Now, 49 years later Caitlyn is most famous transgender woman who is also biggest activist for transgender people and their rights in the World. She talks about how important it is for us to use our platforms and influence people around us no matter how big those platforms are. She is also trying to give us the answer on the question “Can we really define gender?”  She shared with us 4 tips for how to succeed life and those tips are: gamble, cheat, lie and steal.

Most of the panels and lectures are available at Web Summit Facebook Page

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