About Us

Who we are

Webtise is a full-service digital and social media agency, located in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia.
We are currently present at 12 markets across the world. Founded 5 years ago, we combine the experience, creativity and knowledge in order to create the best possible results for our clients. Since we were founded we made countless social-media strategies, conducted campaigns, gained fans and followers, achieved reach and implemented break-through ideas for some of the world’s biggest brands and companies.

Oh, and yes, not to be bragging about it, but we won few awards for our work.

Our Philosophy

In Webtise we strongly believe that the best results come from mutual understanding between the client’s needs and proposed solutions. That is why we will not act as a typical agency, but more as your partner, where your business and our agency will learn and grow together.

We know that each client is unique and requires special attention, and our approach is to tailor-made digital strategies for each company having in mind offered product or service, audience, channels and budgets. This approach gives us a guarantee for long-lasting partnerships with our clients. Like a sail boat, we are constantly tweaking, changing and adjusting our strategies and methods in order to catch the perfect wind and sail smoothly.

Boris Jovanović

General Manager & Partner

We create meaningful and beautiful communications, which tell great stories about our clients and their brands.

Ismar Gluhalic

Art Director & Partner

Design is more than an idea. It is more than a message. More than a feeling and understanding. Design is all these things combined.

Mina Marić

New Media Specialist & Partner

It’s better to sell products through storytelling then through discounts.

Milan Virijević

Director of photo & video experience

The greatest satisfaction comes when you catch the moment in such a way that it will create consumer’s desire for the product.